Tr. SNP 7; 974 01 Banská Bystrica

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The main business of the organization is to obtain, collect, scientifically evaluate and popularize the results of scientific research and collecting activities. The DC thematic competencies and experience are analysis audits, collection of relevant data, realization of surveys, evaluation (and statistical) knowledge, drafting of methodologies, expertise and reporting. The organization normally performs economic activity on the market as a service for organizations, citizens, consumers.

Diversitas culturae organizes and co-organizes scientific, cultural and social events (congresses, conferences, and seminars), exhibitions, meetings and workshops. There is supports and implements publishing and presentation activities to disseminate knowledge. There is creates scope for exchange of relevant information at national and international level, focuses on the issue of preserving elements of natural and cultural heritage in terms of globalization and sustainable development and its implications and implementation in Slovakia.